Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Amazing Summer Days [9 Lage 4261]

It's finished! At last! At a far too long last!

Behold The Quill Pen Of The Hairy-Nosed Wombat Headed Demonurge of Plong

That doesn't look right, does it... no, it's "Demiurge", not "Demonurge". Whatever!

And of course there's no such place as Plong, as far as I know.

It did take far too long. It could be done in two weeks ... a stronger enchanter could do it in one, I think ... and, given that I can expect a week's work to fail about half the time, it should take about four. It took seven. Mostly bad luck of course. Well, four weeks of bad luck and one week tossed away for boyfriendly matters. Not very impressive, but, well, a Zi Ri really ought to trade on zir natural advantages, shouldn't zie?

Which, in this case, means (1) time, (2) rich relatives, and (3) Sustenoc.

Anyways, the Quill Pen of the Hairy-Nosed Wombat Headed Demonurge of Plong is a quill pen which, by a straightforward Mutoc Sustenoc Illusidor trickery, lets one write -- without using ink -- in whatever colors one wishes.

As long as the substance being written on has only a modest magic resistance, or doesn't object to being written on. This journal book, for example, is sentient enough to know that it should let me write on it.

Ilottat, however, is not sentient enough to know that he should let me write on him.

And it's not as if I was doing anything that would get him in trouble or anything, either. I was just trying to write "Property of Sythyry" on a part of him which, well, nobody else is currently particularly interested in. I suppose technically it's either his or Ysgwyd's.

And it's not like it's a very strong spell that can't be dispelled. It's power 5. I could spont a Healoc Illusidor spell to knock it over.

(Actually, that's a general flaw of this pen, which I should be careful of. While the color change is permanent, it is very easy to break, if one should be so inclined. Things that I want to stay written should be done in real ink... Though a quick experiment reveals that this journal resists erasure of the pen's writing with its full force, which is a lot.)

But that's not the amazing thing. The amazing thing is that Ilottat and I went out on a date.

Now, one might expect that a pair of lovers -- even adulterous lovers, given that the nominally-offended spouse is fully aware of the situation -- would go out on dates now and then, and nobody would be wholly amazed. But the news of this date boggled (1) Anoof, (2) Thery, and (3) me.

Ilottat didn't even catch fire and burn to ashes in the middle of Muffantando's. He was quite nervous, of course. But he did hold my hand in the performance of Druzatta's Spare Bird.

Maybe sometime we'll get to go on a date with me looking like myself at all.

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