Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Breakup [7 Lage 4261]

I finally cornered Real-Eel and asked her outright, "Why did you break up with Vingi?"

Real-Eel:"He used cinnamon oil on me."

Me:"Cinnamon oil?"

Real-Eel:"He was trying to apologize for ... never mind what. He got some spicy cinnamon fur oil. He used it as massage oil, in a way that he should not have done."

Me:"That must hurt!"

Real-Eel:"It did. A lot. It was a very poor apology."

Which is very confusing, as we had talked to Vingi a lot about the breakup not long before. He said that Real-Eel had gotten quite annoyed at him for frequently avoiding social occasions because there was strong drink there, or feeling awkward and being antisocial at them because of it. Also the language problem -- he has never really learned Choinxeian very well. And, finally, he is not exciting enough for her. He is a very very mellow and calm Orren.

I wonder, which of them is telling the truth?

But I am considering following Floosh's advice, and trying to collect one or the other as a low-grade alternate Orren cover lover. I think I should wait until Yylhauntra has come and gone, though.

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