Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

[6 Lage 4261]

Dustweed accepted zir apology. Not very graciously, really: I was subjected to a two-thirds-of-an-hour whiny lecture about:

  1. Zie's plenty unhappy at being excluded from interpersonal relationships within zir own species;
  2. Zie is, in effect, very hungry and buying muffins at the bakery that zie's near.
  3. Zie does not like having a libertine (and, specifically, unfaithful (and, more specifically, incapable of faithfulness (or, more precisely, theoretically capable of it but absolutely refusing to do it))) lover.
  4. Zie doesn't like being stuck with a transaffectionate relationship as zir only option.
  5. Zie recognizes that I, too, am stuck with transaffectionate relationships as my only option, and is rather distressed that I seem to be enjoying it -- and -- what is probably worse -- starting to glory in it.

I knew all of those but the last. I hope that I am enjoying having a lover! I'm not sure about glorying in it, though. Am I bragging too much to my friends? Impossible to tell, I guess. I should get some of them drunk and see what they tell me.

But that's not what I meant to complain about. I meant to complain about the Battle of Pelcour. This is not particularly current news, since the Battle of Pelcour was part of the Holocaust Wars, not quite two thousand years ago, and everyone but one who participated in it is now dead.

(Aside: It was an amazingly stupid battle, from beginning to end. The Outer Hrreptites snuck up on Pelcour, a city rather inward of their usual territory, and planted some exceedingly dangerous tubers inside the city walls. When most of the mammals in Pelcour were dead, the general of the Inner Hrreptites visited the Outer Hrreptite camp, and they boasted ... and it was revealed that the viceroy of Pelcour had (a) survived the Hrreptite attack, (b) lost his entire family (and his entire capital city) to the Hrreptite attack, and (c) survived the Hrreptite attack because he was off in Calanchia arguing in favor of the Hrreptite cause in front of the Emperor, and very nearly losing his head in the process. Not surprisingly, the viceroy stopped supporting the Hrreptites in short order.)

(Aside, cont: You don't hear much about the Hrreptites these days, do you?)

Anyways, that was the topic last week in Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid. Which is fine too ...

... except ...

... The one survivor is Yylhauntra, whose grandchild I have the honor to be. By means too complicated to explain (consisting of one of my regular letters), Dzeriaunet became aware of my studies of the Battle of Pelcour, and told zir ~father~ about it ...

... And Yylhauntra has decided to visit me "for a little while".

I am very much not sure of the etiquette of having a 4257-year-old grandparent visit one "for a little while".

While one is in the throes of glorying in one's first lover and newfound transaffectionality.

For the purpose of explaining a very stupid battle taught in Leap into this Pool of Boiling Acid class.

And just how long is "for a little while" for a 4257-year-old Zi Ri, anyways? Longer or shorter than my lifespan to date, say?

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